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When an accident results in damage to your mobile device, it’s our responsibility to repair it.

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We provide a broad range of repair services delivered by a skilled and knowledgeable crew.


Our expert technicians work on all brands of laptops and PCs including HP, Dell, Compaq, and more. Bring your malfunctioning computer to any of our convenient locations for a free diagnosis and estimate on repairs.


We service all makes and models of cellphones, including those made by Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, BlackBerry, and other manufacturers. Your mobile life can be saved by our professionals.


Low prices and no contract on the latest phones. Make payments for ANY carrier

Why Choose Cell Care For Your Device?

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Few Words About Cell Care

We are the best option in Texas for all of your wireless and mobile phone requirements. Visit us if you need repairs, servicing, or accessories for your smartphone. There are 2 of our locations spread across Taxis

What problems can we fix?

We can fix almost everything

Water Damage Repair

Has your device ever been in the washer, the pool, or even the toilet? Not to worry!

Broken Screen Repair

Replacement services for cracked screens are quick and reasonably priced.

Speaker not working

You may be in need of a speaker repair or replacement.

Dead Battery

Our team performs professional battery replacements.

Broken Buttons

If buttons on your device are malfunctioning or broken. We can help

No Signal

When you are experiencing weak signal or no signal.


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